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How to Use the Service

´╗┐Please follow our step-by-step guide to using Doncaster HomeChoice.

This tells you how to use the service to either rent a Council, Housing Association or Private Rented property.

Step One   Registration
Step Two  Choosing
Step Three  Offer
Step Four  Feedback




An overview of HomeChoice

Doncaster HomeChoice is the way of allocating Council Houses in Doncaster. It allows you to apply for a home of your choice instead of waiting for us to contact you.

Doncaster HomeChoice is a 'choice based' lettings scheme and this means that you can choose which home, in which area you would like to live in. A choice based lettings scheme offers more choice for customers and is transparent enabling you to make more informed choices.  We have produced a booklet called choosing an area to give information about the areas in Doncaster to help make this easier for you.

The first properties were advertised under Doncaster HomeChoice on 1 November 2007.

You are able to bid on up to three properties each week either, through this website, through the automated telephone system on 0800 027 6235 or through text message to 07781 484 771.

In order to bid you must be registered with Doncaster HomeChoice. If you wish to apply for rehousing you can apply online by registering and completing the online application form. To take account of housing needs there are five bands. Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and General.  You will be banded according to your priority under the new allocations policy.  Your priority will be based on your application details.  You can bid for all properties that you are eligible for.  If more than one person applies for the same property, the customer with the earliest registration or effective date will be offered the property first. It is important you keep your application up to date, you can do this online by logging into your account page and going to your housing register.

Properties will be advertised from Thursday morning at 00.01am and will close on Monday night at 11.59 pm.  Shortlists will then be produced and we will contact the successful applicant following the close of the advertisement.

Please note your position on the list will change as other people make or withdraw their bids.

REMEMBER it does not matter what time you place your bid within the five days bidding cycle (open Thursday to Monday) as all bids are sorted at the close of the cycle. Please use the five days to fully consider if you are interested in the property before you bid on it and ensure the property will be suitable for your needs. You can withdraw bids during the five days bidding cycle and do not have to use your maximum number of bids every week. If you refuse properties it can affect your banding and application.

  • ONLY bid on properties you are interested in
  • You DO NOT have to use all three bids every week
  • You can lose your priority or be suspended if you refuse a suitable property

Each week we will publish the properties that we have allocated in previous weeks. 

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