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Tenancy Support Service

The Tenancy Support Service

The tenancy support service is managed and delivered by St. Leger Homes. Here is some information about St. Leger Homes and the tenancy support service.

About St Leger Homes

St. Leger Homes is an award winning company which provides housing services across Doncaster. We work in partnership with Doncaster Council, other agencies, and customers to build confident communities.

We are an Arm’s Length Management Organisation, or ‘ALMO’, created by Doncaster Council in 2005. We achieved a 3 star rating from the Audit Commission in 2010 and have been recognised with a range of awards and accreditations from independent bodies.

We place our tenants and customers at the heart of everything we do.

What is tenancy support?

Tenancy support is a short term support service for people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness and who have housing related support needs.

Housing related support services help people to live independently or move on to independent living.

The service is free to those clients who are accepted into the service.

Here are some of the ways in which tenancy support can help you.

• setting up and maintaining your home or tenancy

• managing safety and security of your accommodation

• maintaining your health and wellbeing

• developing your daily living skills and domestic routines such as shopping and cooking

• applying for welfare benefits and developing your budgeting skills

• accessing other services

• getting advice and advocacy in connection with housing or tenancy matters

As a tenancy support provider we aim to provide you with the skills to live independently and to deal with day to day life and situations.

We offer support through:

• one to one support

• group skills sessions (to be introduced)

We are unable to help you with cleaning, laundry, personal care, bathing or administrating your medication or providing nursing care.

We can provide advice and guidance about these services or help you find an agency that can help.

Who is tenancy support for?

The service is designed to help people live independently or move on to independent living. There are many different groups of people who may benefit from our service including:

• Older people or frail elderly

• People with mental health problems

• Homeless people

• People at risk of domestic abuse

• People with substance misuse problems

• Offenders and ex-offenders

• Young people and teenage parents

• People with physical or sensory disabilities

• People with learning disabilities

How do I access the service?

You can access the services in a range of ways. You can:

• Apply directly yourself to the service by telephoning the service on 01302 862050 or emailing

• A referral can be made by a professional person such as a doctor, housing officer, social worker, health worker or probation officer 

• A referral can be made by a voluntary organisation 

• You can refer someone you may know by telephoning the Home Options Service on 01302 862050 or emailing them on

Tenancy Support Referral Form

Who is eligible for support?

In order to be eligible for the service you must:

• Be aged over 18 years or older

• Be homeless or at risk of homelessness

• Having difficulty maintaining your tenancy which could result in homelessness

• Have a need for support to help you resettle after a period of homelessness or very unsettled housing

• Require support to help you live independently

• Have a commitment to work with us and engage with our offer of support

All applications will be treated on an individual basis and considered according to the support needed.

All applications will be considered.

How do you get support?

We are a popular and successful service and at times we do have a waiting list. Once a referral has been made to the tenancy support team they will arrange a mutually convenient appointment to assess your application and support needs.

Once your circumstances have been assessed a decision will be made as to whether you would benefit from the service and if you are eligible for our support. We will then write to you with our decision and also advise you of any other options you may have to best meet your needs.

How do we prioritise referrals for the service?

In order to be fair and transparent it is important that we are clear how we prioritise applicants wishing to access the tenancy support service.

We will assess your application based upon your circumstances at the point of referral and determine your priority:

High Priority:

The individual referred for support is:

• Roofless

• Care leavers/veterans

• Homeless

• Causing a delayed discharge for a hospital bed

• Has been offered a tenancy and is unable to move into a tenancy until housing support is in place

• Has experienced domestic abuse

Medium Priority:

• The individual referred already has a tenancy but is in danger of losing it imminently if housing support is not provided.

• The individual is a young person 18 – 25yrs

• A Care Leaver 18yrs+

Low Priority:

• The individual referred already has a tenancy which he/she is not in immediate danger of losing but their situation is likely to deteriorate without housing support

Please refer to Tenancy Support Handbook for further information.

Contact details

If you need more information please contact us:

Home Options Service

St. Leger Homes of Doncaster

St Leger Court, White Rose Way, Doncaster


Telephone: 01302 862050

Email Address:

Office hours: 8.30am -5.00pm