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Harassment and Illegal Evicition

Landlord harassment and illegal eviction

Harassment is anything your landlord does to deliberately disrupt your home life or make you leave your home. Harassment can also be done by someone else, such as a family member of friend of your landlord.

Examples of harassment include:

  • cutting off your gas, electricity or water supply
  • violence or the threat of violence
  • opening your mail or taking things from your home
  • harassment because of your gender, race or sexuality
  • coming into your home without your permission or without notice, or at unsocial hours

Harassment is a criminal offence and you should report this. If you think you are being harassed, write down what happened and when. You can find more information on GOV.UK.

Harassment can sometimes lead to your landlord making you leave your home illegally. Your landlord should always give you correct notice and follow the legal process to end your tenancy. You can find out more about landlords making you leave your home illegally 

If you are experiencing Harassment or have been illegally evicted  Doncaster Council can assist you.