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Leaflets and Booklets

Landlord Reference

This form is for your landlord to complete when you are applying to the housing register.

A Guide to Doncaster Council's Allocations Policy

This booklet is an overview of the allocation's policy and the allocations process and gives information about placing bids and the different methods you can use to place a bid.

Medical Priority Application

This form is to be used if you are unable to manage in your current home and cannot resolve your own situation.

Housing Register Application

This is a printable version of the housing register application. You can also register and apply online instantly.

A Guide to Housing Associations

This booklet gives information about Housing Associations and which ones have properties in Doncaster and their contact details.

Mutual Exchange Application

This is the application you need to complete and return if you have found somebody to swap with already and wish to apply for permission to exchange your homes. All parties wishing to exchange must complete this form and return it to their landlord.

Property Availability

This booklet shows you what council properties we have had to let over the last 12 months in each area of Doncaster. Not all property types are available in all areas. This can help you decide:
* If we have the type of property you want in your preferred areas;
* If you need to consider widening your areas of choice;
* If council housing is a realistic option for you;
* If you need to consider other housing options including accessing support to remain in your current home, considering Housing Association properties and the Private Rented Sector or considering affordable housing options such as shared ownership.

Choosing an Area

This booklet gives you general details about the properties managed by St Leger Homes of Doncaster. It tells you where they are, their size and what type of property we have in each area. This booklet can help you identify where we have the most properties and provide you with some information about the main areas of Doncaster, although further information can be found on each of our property adverts.

Doncaster Council's Housing Allocations Policy

This is the full version of the Housing Allocations Policy.

Tenancy Support Handbook

Information relating to tenancy support.