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Prioritising applications

How is my application assessed? 

Each case is assessed individually within the Housing Allocations Policy criteria. There are five bands Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, General and a separate Transfer List. Platinum, Gold and Silver are priority bands, Bronze is for those who need to move but do not have a priority. The Transfer List is for existing Doncaster Council tenants only who are not in a priority band and have been a tenant over 12 months. The General band is for applicants with resources over £60,000. You will be placed into the most appropriate band that reflects your housing need, based on the information supplied in your application form and any supporting information.

What are the bands?




  • All households who the law considers to be homeless and who Doncaster Council owes a full duty to rehouse
  • Applicants engaging in a resettlement pathway in supported housing who have been assessed by the Support Provider in conjunction with the client as no longer requiring the level of support provided by the service. Applicants in this category will be moving out as a planned move and be actively engaging with the resettlement process. Their priority will be backdated to reflect their time in the pathway where an earlier application was made. 
  • Applicants whose property is in the Doncaster Borough and has been approved for demolition or clearance
  • Tenants vacating adapted properties where there is an identified applicant in need
  • Applicants where major works are required to their property making it uninhabitable and an assessment has been carried out as to whether they can resolve their own housing need
  • Applicants unable to return home from hospital, as your current property does not meet your medical needs or where temporary accommodation would be inappropriate
  • If you are from the Armed forces or are Former Armed Forces personnel in housing need within 5 years of discharge - this will include those leaving the Armed forces with no suitable accommodation, those injured or disabled needing housing and bereaved spouses or civil partners
  • If you are an agreed foster carer not in suitable accommodation to foster and are not able to resolve your own circumstances.


  • Applicants whose current home is overcrowded by two or more bedrooms
  • Applicants occupying a property that has been assessed as a category one hazard under the Health and Safety Rating System with a vulnerable group in residence
  • Applicants in critical need for re-housing due to medical or welfare reasons
  • Applicants that need to move to a particular location as not to do so would suffer hardship to themselves or others - this includes Doncaster Council tenants affected by welfare reform who are under occupying their home by two or more bedrooms and have been assessed by the Financial Inclusion team
  • Applicants in a service or tied tenancy and it is coming to an end
  • Any young person under the age of 21 that the Council has assessed and owes a duty to house under the Children Act
  • Applicants who have been assessed by Doncaster Council's Homeless and Advisory section as 'at risk' of homelessness and have a priority need under the Housing Act 1996 and Homelessness Act 2002.


  • Doncaster Council tenants who are under occupying their current home by one bedroom and request to move to smaller accommodation - this includes those affected by welfare reform assessed by the Financial Inclusion team
  • Tenants vacating adapted properties
  • Applicants whose current home is overcrowded by one bedroom
  • Applicants taking up a particular employment, education or training opportunity
  • Applicants in substantial need for rehousing due to medical or welfare reasons
  • Applicants who have been assessed by Doncaster Council's Homeless and Advisory team as homeless without having a priority need under the Housing Act 1996 and Homelessness Act 2002
  • Applicants who have been assessed by Doncaster Council's Homeless and Advisory team as Intentionally homeless and having a priority need in accordance with the Housing Act 1996 and Homelessness Act 2002
  • Doncaster Council tenants vacating adapted properties where the adaptations are no longer needed.


All other Applicants whose;

  • Need does not fall into the priority bands but still wish to move
  • Priority has expired
  • Priority has been removed after refused three reasonable offers
  • Was a statutory homeless applicant in the platinum band and refused one reasonable offer.


Applicants who own or have a financial interest in a property and have equity of less than £120,000. It is important that we give housing priority to those who need it the most. For this reason, where applicants have no identified housing need or are able to resolve their own situation will be registered in the General Band. We will consider someone as having sufficient finances to obtain housing for themselves where they have assets and income of £120,000 and above.

Transfer List

Applicants who are Doncaster Council Tenants, who have lived in their property for over 12 months and are not eligible to be included in any category of the housing register. If there is a housing need Doncaster Council tenants will be assessed in the same way as all customers. If you have no need but would like to move you will be placed on the separate Transfer list.