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How to use the service

How do I apply for a council home or housing association property?

You can register online at or call the Doncaster HomeChoice Team on 01302 862628 and speak to a member of the team. All applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have a local connection to Doncaster.

What is a local connection and how long does it have to be for?
A local connection with Doncaster must be for the previous three years and proof will be required. A local connection is either;

  • Lived in Doncaster, you must be able to demonstrate that you have lived here for all of the last three years, or
  • Employed in Doncaster for the last three years or,
  • Direct family in Doncaster (spouse, civil partner, parents, grandparents, sons, daughters, brothers or sisters).

There are some exceptions such as assessed homeless households and some Armed Forces personnel and their families.

I am registered with Doncaster HomeChoice but don’t know how to log on?

Visit the website at and in the top right hand corner click on ‘Log in’. You will need your Login reference number and your memorable date. This is usually the date of birth of the main applicant.

Complete the details as requested and press continue. Your account details will be displayed.

Under the Social Housing heading the details of your account will be shown. It will show you the status of your account Eg: Active, Suspended or Closed and how many bedrooms you are eligible for. Within a bidding cycle it will also display how many properties you are eligible for.

How do I update my address or amend my application?

To update your address or amend your application log in at and click on ‘view or edit your social housing application form’. This will enable you to fully update your details and amend your application. Complete all required fields and click ‘submit’.

How do I update my contact details?

To amend your contact details log on at and on the right hand side column located underneath your contact details click on ‘update contact details’.  Update your details and click ‘submit’.

It is important you maintain up to date contact details so we are able to contact you in relation to any offers.

How do I bid?

There are several ways to place a bid.

  • Logging into your account.  In your account summary a box will be displayed with a number. This shows you the number of properties you are eligible to bid on in the week’s cycle.
  • Calling the automated telephone line 0800 0276235
  • Text message to 07781 484771 – It must have your 6 digit login reference, a space, then your memorable date, then your first advert reference, then a space, then your second advert reference, then a space, and your third advert reference.

Example: 000000 DD/MM/YYYY 12345 23456 34567

  • In person at any St. Leger office
  • Contacting the HomeChoice team on 01302 862628 who can place bids on your behalf. You will have to provide your login reference, memorable date and the property reference number if you have it.  

    If you need help with bidding please contact us on 01302 862628.